Quickship Eros 48in Direct/Indirect Suspended Matte White 3500K



The Eros conception allows you to create long linear runs to appropriately light up the space it is installed in. Custom lengths and patterns are also a possibility and with its 90° lit corners, darkness will be a thing of the past!

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Matte White

Colour Temperature


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Maximum quantity: 10 pcs

Terms and conditions:

  • Quickship items must be submitted separately from standard items, otherwise we will request for separate POs, resulting in possible delays of the order processing.
  • Quickship orders must be complete to avoid delays in processing and shipment.
  • New customers are required to pay before shipping. Payments can be done by Lumen Warm approved method.
  • Shipping instructions must be complete with accessibility by 53′ freight and dock with forklift, if a tailgate is needed, if residential, receiving hours/days and if a prior notification is needed to avoid delays in the order processing.
  • Quickship orders will ship from our facility within 72 regular business hours (excluding weekends & holidays). The exact lead time is estimated upon order confirmation.
  • All Quickship orders received after 12pm EST, on weekends and on holidays, will be processed on the next business day.
  • Quickship orders may not be cancelled at any time. Order changes of any kind will create a new start date for the Quickship order
  • Program terms are in conjunction with Lumen Warm’s Terms and Conditions. In the event of any inconsistency between the provisions of this section and the rest of the standard Terms, the provisions of this section shall prevail regarding the Quickship Program.
  • Lumen Warm may cancel or modify the Quickship Program or change its eligibility conditions at any time without notice. Lumen Warm reserves the right to modify at its discretion the products that are eligible for the Quickship Program.
  • Please refer to the specification sheets for further details about each product. Note that only the options listed in this page are available for Quickship. Additional product options are available and subject to our standard shipping and lead times.
  • Lumen Warm won’t authorize the partial shipment of Quickship orders, nor allow any hold of release.
  • Pricing will be based on the latest Lumen Warm Quickship price list.
  • The Quickship program is available for North American accounts only.
  • Products in punctual offer available for a limited time, refer to this page for availability.